YouTube Likes Or YouTube Views – Which Is More Important?

YouTube ranks third, next to Google and Facebook, on the most visited websites on the internet. Since its creation twelve years ago, youtube has been serving the people its different purposes. A video streaming website such as youtube is a tool for people to upload and watch a variety of videos online. Basically, these websites use different categories to segregate the uploaded videos. Two of these categories are the “most liked” and “most viewed”. In these categories, Youtube has devised an algorithm to rank the uploaded videos based on the youtube likes and views.  Moreover, the number of likers and viewers is of utmost importance for someone who likes to gain popularity in such websites. But how does one know which one of the two will lead faster to fame?

Likes To Views

As a basic knowledge, a person cannot like without viewing the video itself. Both youtube likes and views will gain you popularity but likes will further increase your chance of getting a higher search ranking. However, liking a video in youtube will need more effort than just viewing the video. As you can see, there are two buttons underneath all youtube videos that correspond to a thumbs-up for a “like” and thumbs-down for a “dislike”. Most video uploaders on youtube like getting hits from these buttons. Besides the comments, this is a chance for them to know the reaction of their viewers.

Furthermore, some experts have also devised ways on determining how popular youtube videos are. A method used by some people is the “likes to views” ratio. According to these experts, a youtube video must have at least a four percent ratio. This means that for every four likes, there must be 100 views for the video to be considered popular. At the end of the day, the number of likes and views of a youtube video will still greatly depend on its content.