Why Old Rock Stars Are Some Of The Richest Celebrities

Richest Celebrities

Individuals who achieved fame and public attention are called celebrities. The term celebrity status is usually correlated to fortune, fame, or wealth. This is because a famous person has a greater prospect of making more money than those who are not.

Those richestcelebrities are said to have a common quality, they have a very high net worth. The net worth is primarily dependent both on the amount of asset and liabilities. The assets that are being considered are those non-financial and financial ones of the richestcelebrities, such retirement account, land, prepaid insurance, account receivable, investment, and buildings while any form of debts and loans are accounted as their liabilities.

List of the Famous and Richest Rock Stars

  • Paul McCartney. He is a famous British musician and a member of a famous band group, “The Beatles”. He is considered to be one of the most successful musicians of all time. During his career in the McCartney, he is able to release outstanding 100M singles and sixty gold disks. He was raised in the Liverpool, England and at the age of fifteen, he started his career in the music industry a member of the Quarrymen with John Lennon. After the breakup of the Beatles, McCartney started to write pop songs, he was able to make twelve studio albums and is able to write pop songs that became a hit in the music industry.
  • Bono. He is a famous political activist, an Irish musician, and a member of a famous band group, the “U2”. He decided to venture the music industry at the age of sixteen as a member of Feedback, which later on changed on U2 in the tear 1997. The U2 became one of the most prevalent band group that time. They are able to release twelve successful albums, win twenty-two Grammy awards, and sell-out many live venues. Bono is known to be an activist, such as the issue in the African AIDS crisis and third-world debt relief.
  • Jimmy Buffett. A famous American singer and songwriter, as well as actor, businessman, and author. During 1960’s, Buffet became a famous figure in the rock music industry and is able to release their album Down to Earth, which became hit in the industry at that time. At the Kenya West, Buffet is known to play country and folk songs with some themes of coastal, otherwise known as gulf and western sound.