A Quick Guide To Cooking Salmon Sous Vide

Do you love fish? If so, you share the same palate with millions of people all over the globe. Of course, you would prefer consuming a kind of fish that is not only tasty but have an immense load of benefits to grant your body. For instance, among the many variations of fish to add to your full course meals, the salmon is a grand favorite because of its capacities of enhancing one’s health. This is an incredible fatty fish, oozing with rich Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. Through this “essential” fat, instances of inflammations are reduced, low blood pressure and commencing of diseases is incredibly decreased.

Ways of Cook Salmon: Sous Vide

Salmon is also one of the best and top fish when it comes to proffering high-quality protein. Thus, if you are striving to lose weight, leave those red meat and switch to salmon cooking and recipes instead. Techniques in preparing this healthy dish vary extensively and the evolution continuous until these modern times, just like cooking salmon sous vide style.

The “What” Style

Sous-vide is a French word for “under vacuum”, and here, the preparations will include cooking salmon sous vide sealed within another plastic pouch that is also vacuum-sealed, and then it is going to be placed in a water bath or under a steam environment that has been temperature-controlled. Yes, as you may have imagined, the time for cooking may exceed your expectations, from an hour to 7 hours, or sometimes more depending on the goal of your recipe. The main purpose of this cooking technique is to ensure the salmon’s insides are cooked to perfection without any indication of overcooking on the outside, whilst the taste is enhanced and moisture retained.

When the preparation time is completed, extend extra caution in removing the salmon from the bags on top of paper towels. You may serve this immediately, cold or to sear.