When You Buy Cheap Landed Property, How Big Will The House Be?

If you consider buying or investing in a cheap landed property, you are also investing in something that is practically saving money and saving some space. Efficiency is the middle name of cheap landed properties in Singapore and you will have to be able to look for the best ones in town or in the country based on landed projects and landed houses for sale in the real estate business and industry. There is a variety of different cheap landed property for sale in Singapore you could choose from and projects really have their own style, space specifications, and provided accommodations in their community.

Size Wise
Talking about the size of houses or the spaces of every cheap landed property for sale in Singapore, if you compare it with a condominium, you will surely see large differences. Condominiums are basically just rooms that are just like hotel rooms placed in one whole building with only a few systems to power all of the needs for electricity, air conditioning, water systems, and other establishments the whole compound gives. Unlike with landed properties or cluster homes inside an organized community, you have enough space for you to have basement parking in your own house and have space for children to do outdoor activities.

Why is This Practical?
It is practical because different families inside different dwellings have their own agenda and interests. In condominiums, it is really hard not to come across your neighbors and them complaining about people having too much loud music, cooking smelly food, children playing at the corridors, and other “disruptive” activities—depends on you and your neighbor’s tolerance. Unlike with cheap landed property homes, you have your own privacy and you even have your own space for planting and placing or placing a small playground for the children—whatever you want to do with it.