Why Most IMAX Theaters Really Don’t Show IMAX Movies

Many filmgoers are so enthusiastic with IMAX to the point that even if they watched a new movie in a regular theater, they want to watch it also in IMAX. The problem is, not all movies are being released in IMAX theaters because most likely, the makers did not release the film in an IMAX format. Most movies such as Hunger games: Catching Fire was not released in IMAX because of that reason.

Most of the films are created in digital format, but the question still remains. Why is it not compatible with IMAX and why it can’t be released in most IMAX theaters? To find out more answers why your favorite new Hollywood film wasn’t released in most IMAX theaters, hirek could give substantial information about it. These are some reasons why.

Reasons why it can’t be released
A lot of IMAX filmgoers are disappointed to the fact that some films are not released in IMAX. Remember, before new Hollywood films perhaps are released in IMAX in 2008, it underwent a lot of history. If you want to go deeper into the situation, hirek will provide facts which could make filmgoers aware of the situation. These are what’s really happening before a film will be released in IMAX.

  • IMAX projector needs a film in IMAX format
    Most filmmakers don’t make a film in IMAX format which is a major reason why most new films are not released in IMAX theaters. So to convert such film, Digital Media Remastering could help in converting conventional films into an IMAX format.
  • Directors and cinematographers shoot the parts of a movie into a Non-IMAX part. So, to make one, in filming the movie, it needs a bigger frame which is 35 mm ”full frame” to be able to shoot an IMAX film.
  • An IMAX print costs a lot, so with the production. So, the IMAX wasn’t able to catch up with the cost and modern movie-making technology. Remember, even how modern the shot of the film, it still needs some digital formatting.