Medical Marijuana: Ottawa’s Regulations And Laws

The Canadian government strives to push their legislation to become one of the few countries to legalize recreational marijuana. Despite the strong push among the supporters, there are still some provinces that oppose the efforts. Based on a recent poll, more than half of the Canadian population agree to legalization mainly due to the economic benefit it brings to the country. About 33% of the population have expressed opposition while the rest remain undecided. Despite this, changes in policy and legislation have already been passed and minimum laws for the country have been established. These laws will also govern the use of medical marijuana Ottawa.

The Minimum Laws
All regulations in here are the minimum standards each province in Canada should impose. They can raise the numbers on their own discretion, as long as they don’t fall below the nationwide regulations.

For Canada as a whole, anyone over eighteen years old is considered an adult. Any adult is allowed to possess up to 30 grams of dried cannabis in public and share it with adults. Any adult can also have up to 4 plants in his backyard for personal use. You can also purchase medical marijuana Ottawa from any registered retailers of the state. As long as you qualify as a consumer, you are allowed to make a purchase.

Ottawa’s Laws on Medical Marijuana
Ottawa follows similar laws imposed on the state regarding weed product and distribution. Any individual above eighteen years old can purchase from licensed distributors or produce a limited amount on their own for medical purposes. They can also designate someone to plant and harvest for them if they are not capable. Lastly, medical marijuana can be sold in other forms apart from dried cannabis. This supports the production of infused products such as snacks, beverage mixes and nuts or candies.